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Two properties declared nuisances

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/13/14

The nuisance abatement program that the North Bend City Council enacted last November in now in effect, and last Tuesday the council was asked to declare two properties as nuisances.

Tina Engelbart of the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District, which has been contracted by the city to run the program, gave a reported on the first round of inspections to the council at its Aug. 5 meeting.

NENEDD divided North Bend into six quadrants, with one quadrant being inspected per year.

The first quadrant to be inspected was the northwest part of town, bordered by Pine Street on the east and Seventh Street on the south. The area covers 68 properties.

Thirteen properties were to found to be in violation of the city’s nuisance ordinances during the initial drive-by inspection on June 12. Violations included unlicensed vehicles on the property; piles of debris, junk or mattresses; dead trees or limbs and old kitchen appliances outside.

Letters were sent to each property on June 27, giving 30 days for the nuisances to be remedied.

A second drive-by inspection on Aug. 5 showed that 10 of the 13 nuisances had been cleaned up.

One of the remaining nuisances was a foreclosed property on W. 10th Street that was overgrown with weeds and grass. The city is working with US Bank, which owns the property, to get it mowed.

Engelbart asked the council to declare the other two properties nuisances and move to the next step of the abatement process.

Both nuisances, one on W. Ninth Street and the other on W. 10th Street, were the result of one or more unlicensed vehicles on the property.

The council passed resolutions declaring the two properties nuisances.

Letters informing the homeowners of the nuisance resolutions will be sent and they will be given another 30 days to license, remove or store the vehicles. The property owners can also request a show cause hearing to make the case that their situation is not a nuisance.

If the nuisances are not resolved before the deadline, the city will contract to have the nuisances taken care of and the property owners will be assessed the costs.

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