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Grounds crewThe NBGC grounds crew is ready to go.

Golf course ready for spring

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 4/16/14

The North Bend Golf Course is ready for another successful golf season. While many golf courses in the area are struggling, the local golf course is in excellent financial and physical shape.

“We are getting a lot of area golfers including from Omaha and Lincoln,” manager Pete Balerud said. “Our course is well laid-out, fun to play and beautifully maintained. Our head grounds keeper Dan Pabian does a great job of keeping the course in excellent condition. Many golf courses in the metro areas lost their public water supply last summer and their courses really suffered.”

The golf course is a corporation with the shareholders electing a board of directors to govern and oversee the course.

The board just finished completely updating the grounds equipment and made the final payment on 40 golf carts.

With summer coming, there are more improvements in the plans. Balerud said they will be adding tee box yardage signs, paving the cart turn-around on the No. 2 tee box area with a donation from North Bend Grain. The board has plans to replace the culvert on the 16th fairway with a bridge donated by All Metals Market, Inc. The cart storage shed will also be expanded.

Other recent improvements approved and overseen by the board include the purchase of the frontage area on Highway 79, updating the interior of the clubhouse and adding a retaining wall around the ninth green. There is an ongoing effort to re-tree the course to replace dying evergreens and pines.

Those on the golf course board are Claire Eason, Mike McGinn, Mike Hunke, Duane Ellermeier, Bob Shanahan, Tom Iossi and Tom Mensik.

The front nine holes of the North Bend Golf Course opened in 1994 and the back nine in 2001.

Balerud said that leagues have already started.

“This is about a typical time for the golf leagues to be starting,” Balerud said. “We are very reliant upon the weather in getting golfers on the course.”

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