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Bridge bypass
The dirt work has been laid for a new junction between Highway 30 and County Road 13. Though the project has been idle for a few weeks, work will soon resume.

Bridge bypass waiting its turn

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/18/13

Five miles east of North Bend, there are the dirt beginnings of a road that makes a short jog from Highway 30 to County Road 13. That dirt roadbed has been sitting there untouched for a few weeks now, prompting some to speculate that the road will not be finished for more than a year.

That’s not the case, Dodge County Highway Superintendent Allen Doll said.

“We will have it done this fall,” Doll said.

A bridge on Road 13 over a cutoff ditch just a few yards north of the highway is nearing the end of its lifetime, Doll said.

Rather than build a new bridge, the county decided to go with a less expensive option and simply make a jog in Road 13 about 40 yards to the east so the road does not have to cross the cutoff ditch. A similar set up exsists on where Coutry Road 14 meets Highway 30 three miles west of Fremont.

Doll said dirt work at Road 13 was begun before all the permits were obtained from the state. The permits were still not in place when the road workers were ready to move forward, so the workers went on to another project, leaving Road 13 sitting idle.

The permits are now in place and work will start once the other project is complete.


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