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Profesora Savio jubila

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 5/15/13

Pam Boggy arrived at North Bend Central in 1984. The Fremont native and 1978 graduate of Midland College is retiring from NBC this year having gained a husband, three children, and many memories while at NBC.

SavioPam Savio shares a light moment with students in her Spanish I class. She is retiring after 34 years of teaching.

She became Pam Savio her second year at NBC after marrying social studies teacher Jim Savio. She has taught Spanish I, II and III, Exploration 8th grade, junior high English and yearbook journalism at various time at NBC.

“So hard to pinpoint just one aspect of this wonderful place,” Savio said when asked what she will miss most. “I think I will miss the students the most at this time; the staff has changed. The students, on the other hand, always are here and smiling and asking and sometimes listening and never seem to change. There are always those special students who remain close in your thoughts.”

Savio has organized the taco stand at 29 Mayfest celebrations and taken countless Spanish students on field trips to Omaha to expose them to some Spanish or Mexican culture.

“What I will always remember is how proud I am each year of the students’ behavior in public and on the bus,” Savio said. “They are always polite, well-behaved, enthusiastic, and really fun!”

Savio was at the helm of 22 NBC yearbooks, evolving from the typewriter to the desktop publishing on a computer. She said this fulfilled the creative part of her.
In her time at NBC, Savio has had many people help her along the way. She credits Monica Vyhlidal with getting her through the baby stages with her children when three were born in less than three years. Her son Tony gets credit for getting her and their family through a medical crisis they faced. When Tony said they were a lucky family in spite of all the problems they had gone through, he lifted his mothers spirits.

“He was, still is, actually, my hero,” she said. “I wouldn’t be at the point I am today, ready to start a new phase of my life.”

Savio doesn’t have any definite plans for retirement. At 55 she could start another career teaching elsewhere, but she is thinking of doing some substituting and getting out from under the rigor of the school calendar.

Her youngest child, Dominic, 22, is graduating from Midland University this spring. Tony, 23, graduated from Midland last year and works in Omaha. Daughter Katie is attending medical school in Pennsylvania. Savio wants to be able to spend time with them when convenient for all concerned.

“I am sponsoring another group to Spain this summer,” Savio said. “Then we will see what my travel plans are in the next few years. I also have a house to organize.”

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