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  Red Brix Hair Chix
Brianna Frey, Kara Hellbusch and Amanda Hanis are all smiles
in their new locatoin on Main Street.

Stylist finds new home on Main Street

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/13/13

The name is the same, but the bricks are new.

The Red Brick Hair Chix have moved into their new digs at 727 Main Street. They were located on Highway 30 in a building that had a red brick front, so naturally they had to have more red bricks on the front of their new building—and they do.

Kara Hellbusch is the owner of the business. She rents out booth space to Amanda Hanis and a new stylist, Brianna Frey, who happens to be Hellbusch’s cousin.

Hellbush has lived in North Bend for 5 1/2 years. She and her husband, Jason, are from small towns and wanted their children to grow up in a small town. They moved here from Fremont when daughter Jessa was ready for kindergarten.

They also have a son, Kyler, now in first grade at NBE, and a 5-month-old, Jerzie.
Hellbusch has been a stylist for nine years, always working for someone else until opening up her own shop three years ago.

Why build?

“The lot was available,” Hellbusch said. “It was a great opportunity, and we were ready to put down permanent roots in North Bend.”

Jason, a flooring contractor, acted as general contractor for the project. He designed the building with input from Kara and did a lot of the work. He had help from experienced contractors Tim Emanuel and Kevin Lodl and hired workers as needed.

“Jason would do his day job then come here and work till all hours,” Kara Hellbusch said. “Some nights he would get home at 3 a.m. then get up and start all over the next morning.”

Hellbusch officially moved and opened shop in the new place on March 5.

“It’s very overwhelming,” Hellbusch said. “I had my own room in the old place. This place is very open. There is a lot of commotion going on. But I like the openness and the light.”

There are still little jobs that need to be finished, and a few big jobs in the back rooms that will just have to wait. A sign is being made by Dan Minarick of Steel Creations and there will be plantings in the red brick planter on Main Street this spring.

Hellbusch was ready to quit the stylist profession a few years ago when her husband encouraged her to go out on her own.

“You can set your own prices and hours,” Hellbusch said. “It makes you work harder, but the drive is stronger when you are working for yourself, not just an employee.”

With the move, Hellbusch has added a spa pedicure chair. She still offers manicures, tanning and retail items for women. There are four booths available, so someday a fourth stylist can be added.

The new building had to be built above the flood plain so there are steps on the Main Street entry. In the back there is a special parking place and ramp that meet ADA specifications for those with wheelchairs or disabilities.

“I can’t believe it’s really mine,” Hellbusch said. “I feel like I’m living in a dream.”

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