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Library restoration
Sidewalks are being redone, as well as other work to the former North Bend Public Library. Shown here is the east side of the building.

Old library undergoing restoration

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/30/13

The future of the old North Bend public library is still unknown. What is known is that it has a future.

Owner Jim Kruger said that at this time there are no specific plans for the building.

NBPLReminants of the building's former life can still be seen as restoration work progresses.

“We are just restoring it back as close to the original as possible, cleaning up the basement, replacing windows.”

Chuck Schwahn from Cheever Construction out of Lincoln is one of the workers at the building site.

“It’s a beautiful old building,” Schwahn said. “I’m glad they decided to keep it.”

The building, which was begun in 1912 and dedicated on April 22, 1913, was used as the public library for the North Bend community until April 30, 2012, when the new library at 13th and Main opened for business.

The lean-to on the west side of the building has been removed, a bathroom is being installed upstairs and antique-looking light fixtures are being installed.

“It’s real solid for a 100-year old building,” Schwahn said. “Everything is all square. When we’re done, it will be all clean and shiny.”

Still looking for a renter or use for the building, Kruger remains optimistic about the future of the building in North Bend

“I’m open to ideas,” Kruger said.

Nathan Arneal and Katie Mattson contributed to his story.

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