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Bond issue the right thing to do

Staff Editorial
Published 1/23/13

For years, North Benders have prided themselves on their school system. When the Eagle published a commemorative issue for North Bend’s sesquicentennial in 2006, the article about the school was titled, “The crown jewel.”

The strength of the North Bend Central school system has played a key role in drawing new residents to town, even drawing students from neighboring districts. NBC’s proficiency has been proven as independent studies, including one done by the Omaha World-Herald, show NBC graduates are some of the best prepared college students.

To maintain our educational advantage we can’t sit back and be satisfied with the status quo. To this end, the North Bend Eagle endorses a “For” vote in support of the bond issue discussed on page one of this newspaper.

These modifications, renovations and additions will benefit literally every student in the district.

The high school building has held up wonderfully, but it is now over 40 years old, and was built for a different era. The science labs built in the 1960s are ill equipped to meet the standards of today’s science curriculum. The school was built before the dawn of girls athletics, leaving today’s locker rooms cramped and crowded. When other schools visit for a basketball doubleheader, their boys teams have to share a locker room with the NBC girls, taking turns dressing and showering.

A new gym will help with scheduling of all sports at all levels. The wrestlers would be able to set up three mats for home meets and still be able to pull out all the bleachers. (If you want to see how cramped the current gym is with three mats and about half the bleachers pulled out, poke your head into Saturday’s EHC meet at NBC).

Youth teams will be able to hold practices at reasonable times. Right now the city auditorium is so booked with youth practices that some teams travel to the Fremont YMCA just to get some practice time in.

With the closing of the rural elementary feeder schools, North Bend Elementary has taken on more students than it was designed for, even with the new additions of the last few years. Starting this year, NBE also added a preschool.

During the winter, elementary students are herded into the small multi-purpose room for recess. A new multi-purpose room would allow space for all kinds of programs and activities throughout the day and allow the cafeteria to take over the current multi-purpose room.

By adding new science rooms to the high school, the current science rooms will be remodeled into four new classrooms, creating space for the sixth graders to move into the high school building and create a middle school wing. This will relieve some of the overcrowding at the elementary school. The elementary band currently has class in the Masonic Lodge because of a lack of space in the school a block away.

These modifications, renovations and additions will benefit literally every student in the district. Many of them are more than overdue. If we want the best educational opportunities for our youth, we need to vote for this bond.

This can all be done by raising the tax levy by just 2.1 cents. There are many years the levy increases that much just in the course of normal business. NBC can add that increase to our current levy and still have one of the lowest levies in the state. For what we are getting, this bond issue is a tremendous value.

A vote “For” this bond issue will allow us to do the right thing for our children and the future of the North Bend area at a very reasonable cost.

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