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Student Council offers sweetheart of a deal for students

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/13/13

Valentine’s Day will be a busy day at North Bend Central High School this Thursday. Those particularly busy will be members of the school’s Student Council. One of its annual fund raisers is delivering candy grams on Valentine’s Day.

Stu CoNBC Student Council president Marissa Hoops sorts Valentine candy grams that students purchased last week.

Student Council advisor Dan Nelson has purchased 1,250 suckers to attach to the purchased grams. The candy grams were sold by StuCo members last week, three for $1, and will be delivered Thursday, Valentine’s Day, during the last period of the day.

The Student Council has been active at the school for decades. Maxine Mehaffey Arneal was president of her junior class at North Bend High School in 1939-1940 and remembers organizing Council meetings. In the 1960s two Student Council representatives were elected at the beginning of the school year. They and the class presidents were on the Student Council for the year. Principal Henry Nelson was adviser for many years.

Alice Scott Colgan was on Student Council her junior year of high school, 1960-1961.

“It was fun to be able to do things for the school,” Colgan said, “but it wasn’t much work because there wasn’t much you could do.”

In 1979 Claire Eason became the council’s adviser. During her 13 years as overseeing the program, election of officers for the coming year was changed to the spring so that the students had an opportunity to attend leadership training camps during the summer.

“I always felt that having them go to summer leadership workshop made them ready to show leadership when they got back in school,” Eason said.

Eason is proud of the fact that during her tenure as sponsor the NBC Student Council was named one of the top five Student Councils in the state for three years.

“I was always very happy with the kids who ended up in Student Council,” Eason said. “They would spot things that we could do.”

There were also junior high representation on the council as well as representatives and officers elected to the district Student Council.

After Eason, Terri Jelinek was sponsor of the Student Council for seven years along with Tam Moore and Jackie Moeller. Jelinek remembers taking students to state conventions.

“During those (conventions) we met with other sponsors from across the state and discussed how we could make our student councils better,” Jelinek said. “That is where the idea of having interviews came into play. We didn’t want elections to be a popularity contest because we wanted to build student leaders.”

Dan Nelson became advisor in 1999 and continues to serve in that capacity.
There are presently 28 students on the council, ten seniors, eight juniors, four sophomores and six freshmen. Students petition to get on Student Council. This requires recommendations from three teachers and an interview with present council members. Then they are voted upon by current members. Each year three seniors, four juniors, five sophomores and freshmen can be selected to serve. Nelson said that the number of petitions or the number elected to Student Council do not necessarily match the number of openings on the council, so the membership numbers sometimes fluctuate.

The junior high council members were canceled because there were logistic difficulties for them to participate in activities.

“If this bond issue is passed and we get the sixth grade at the high school, we will definitely look at a middle school Student Council,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the present Student Council is not the traditional council that tries to get policy changes. It is more of a “student activities council” trying to get students involved in activities in the school and community.

Marissa Hoops is a four-year member of the NBC Student Council and currently serves as president. The one thing she liked about Student Council is that it gets you involved in activities other than sports.

The club has activities for the students’ benefit, but also reaches out to the greater community. In addition to the candy grams, Student Council has organized trash pick up on the NBC campus, a spring dodgeball tournament and ironman volleyball tournament, a movie night, snowball dance, junior high and blacklight dances. The group has raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for many years, held food drives, and for the second year, sponsored an American Red Cross blood drive. At Christmas time they help collect warm clothing and help others in need.

Senior Carly Woerman has been on Student Council since her sophomore year. She credits StuCo with giving her the opportunity to get involved throughout the school. Some of her best memories are of the dodgeball tournament and chaperoning the junior high dances.

Chase Wietfeld was on Student Council in junior high school and the junior is now in his fifth year of serving on the Student Council.

“Student Council has taught me a lot of responsibility,” Wietfeld said. “You have to stay (after an event) and clean up. It gets you involved with different kids in the school.”

Wietfeld said the activities are always fun, his favorites being the dodgeball tournament and movie nights.

“These students are the leaders of the school,” Nelson said. “Those on Student Council seem to be involved with a lot of activities.”

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