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Morse Bluff government changes hands

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/21/13

For the first time in over two decades, Morse Bluff has a new person heading up its village government.

Randy Kremlacek became a member of the Morse Bluff Village Board in December 2006. This past December he was elected chairman, replacing Tom Mensik, who stepped down after more than 20 years on the job.

Kremlacek is a 17-year resident of Morse Bluff, moving to the village from Weston. He was also the general chairman of the 125th celebration in 2012. The new chairman shared some thoughts on his adopted hometown with the Morse Bluff Eagle.

Eagle: What are the strengths of Morse Bluff?
RK: It has a good bar and restaurant, strong fire department, strong Legion and the best water in the county. We have a good school system in North Bend that is an attraction. The town itself is in good shape. It’s clean, appealing to the eye. Morse Bluff has a welcoming look and the people are friendly. It’s a nice, comfortable, quiet village to live in.

MBE: Do you see a chance for Morse Bluff to grow in the future?
RK: We have acres available to build and I believe people do like to get to this area. The sand pits offer lake homes to some and this helps the town businesses.

MBE: Do you think the people of Morse Bluff want to see growth?
RK: Yes as a whole. I don’t think people have a problem with new blood. They will entertain anything.

MBE: What do you see for the future of Morse Bluff?
RK: People are talking about putting in a museum in Morse Bluff. A lot of people have artifacts they would like to place in a museum.
The biggest concern is the possible closing of the post office. It is the center for day-to-day activity in town. We haven’t seen much growth in 10-15 years, but there are new storage units available. We are putting up a new “Welcome to Morse Bluff” sign with profits from the 125th celebration.
I truly enjoy the community. It’s a great place to raise to raise kids. Morse Bluff is the best kept secret in Nebraska!

Mensik was appointed to the Morse Bluff Village Board in March 1992 and was elected chairman of the board in May, 1992, and has served as such for 20 and a half years before stepping down this past winter.

Karma Amison, Jay Ruzicka and Kevin Vyhlidal joined the village board in December 2012.

Don Bosworth, who had served on the board 8 years, and Joe Zeleny, who has served 16 years, stepped off the board. Zeleny has served as Morse Bluff’s water superintendent for over 20 years and will continue in that role.

Continuing to serve on the Morse Bluff Village Board is Don Chromy, who joined in January 2010. Kathy Mensik continues to serve as the village clerk and treasurer, a position she has held since October 1998.

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