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Floral Creations N' D'Signs
Lynda and Tom Cerny stand in front of a Halloween display
in their new store, Floral Creations N'D'Signs.

New downtown store to feature flowers, crafts

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/26/11

Lynda Cerny loves people. She is very excited to be opening a business where she can meet the public.

“I’m glad to be out in the public again,” Cerny said. “I’m happiest when helping others, creating things and giving to others. I like to make others happy.”

Cerny is opening Floral Creations N’ D’Signs on 7th Street, just east of the North Bend Post Office. Her first day open was Monday, with lots of Halloween decor for sale. Her hours will be Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., evenings and Sundays by appointment.

The shop will be a full service florist with wire service available. She will do fresh, dried or silk flower arrangements for weddings, funerals, or any celebration, as well as everyday bouquets and live plants. There will be gift baskets, candy and balloon bouquets available.

“I like to add special touches,” Cerny said of her floral creations. “Whether it’s be to a homecoming corsage, funeral spray or wedding flowers. Everything we offer is for a celebration. It’s nice to be a part of that - a baby, wedding, life achievement, celebration of a life or just a reason to put a smile on a person’s face. Customer satisfaction is important, I’ll go the extra mile to make people happy.”

Cerny will also have more to offer her customers. She will have crafts - ones she has made and ones she gets from a supplier. The crafts are “primitive, needful and fixings” in style. There will be scrapbooking items and an area for scrapbookers to work.

Cerny, a native of Schuyler, had a scrapbook business in Schuyler. She will have all her equipment, utensils and books available in an area that she will rent by the hour or day. She will also have some scrapbooking supplies for sale. She hopes parents as well as teens will take advantage of this room.

“Scrapbooking is such a self esteem builder,” Cerny said. “It promotes and celebrates what people do, their family celebrations, life achievements.”

She can see parents coming to use the room as a place to have all the items they need available to do scrapbooking in a quiet setting. A die cutting machine will be available to cut out letters. Already it has been used to make spirit posters for athletic events.

Cerny also has a sign making machine for signs for windows, walls or vehicles, and a heat press to do custom lettering on clothing.

Cerny, 44, worked as the food service manager at Birchwood Manor for four years. She had sons who wrestled and North Bend native Tom Cerny was involved in MatCats, so they got to know each other through this common interest. She moved to North Bend when she married Tom six years ago. Cerny’s three sons, Kalend, 22, who now lives in Schuyler, Chandler, 19, who is working in the area while waiting to get into lineman school, and Braden, 18, a senior at North Bend Central, have welcomed three little brothers, Brier, 5, Leim, 3, and Landren, 14 months.

Cerny gives credit to Tom and Chandler for doing most of the work in renovating the former Ed’s TV/Clarkson Appliance/Village Video/ Harold Soukup storage building. It was a major renovation with Lynda having the vision and doing the finishing and displays while her husband and son handled the major renovation. Cerny feels she has given the block building character.

Cerny grew up with friends with flower shops and she has taken some classes. Her mother, Bonnie Chatfield, now a resident of North Bend Estates, and grandmother had always been into flowers, gardening and crafts. She is looking forward to using her skills to add to the North Bend community.

Her first taste of retail came when she worked for Jan Schindler selling fireworks when she was in her early teens.

“Jan gave me my first taste of working with the public,” Cerny said, “and I’ve been hooked every since.”

Cerny thinks North Bend has a lot to offer people for a small town. She hopes to fill in with a few things North Bend doesn’t have. She tried hard not to duplicate what other businesses in town have to sell and sees potential for expansion.

Working with Alex Legge Photography, Floral Creations N’ D’Signs will offer a place for the little spooks and princesses to have their picture taken when they trick or treat downtown North Bend on Oct. 31.

In November she hopes to start offering desserts to go with coffee and tea on a daily basis.

“Eventually, by the time winter hits, I hope to be offering soups and salads as well,” Cerny said.

She hopes to be able to offer lunch to individuals or small groups on a daily basis, larger groups can be served with reservations.

“Tom and I both love to cook,” Cerny said. “We’re looking at holidays to do ‘Prime Rib and Roses’ for up to 10 couples.

She invites groups to make reservations for holiday parties. In the spring she hopes to have outdoor seating.

Cerny has been doing flowers from home for the past four months and is getting really busy.

“We hope it takes off,” she said. “There are so many things you can offer people. I want to be someone’s first choice for floral, craft of gift needs rather than someone’s only choice because they live in a small town.”

Cerny expresses a pride in her adopted hometown. She plans to join the Chamber of Commerce and has been involved with her son’s school activities.

“We are proud of our community and hope the community will be proud of us,” Cerny said. “We hope to bring people to North Bend.”

The business also offers Cerny another outlet in her life, as she says with a smile.

“Not having girls, it’s really fun to be able to do this girly-girl stuff,” she said. “We hope to be here many years.”

The business number for Floral Creations N’ D’Signs is 402-652-3400.

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