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Architect examines NBC's needs

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 11/23/11

At the monthly North Bend Central Public Schools Board of Education meeting, Bob Soukup from Carson West Povondra Architects presented his facilities planning report, a report from an architect’s point of view of what needs to be done to update the school buildings. Soukup had three lists made up of items that would need his participation, items that the maintenance staff could take care of and items that have already been taken care of with the remodeling of last summer.

“We are looking at what things logically make sense to address.” Soukup said.

The top ten on Soukup’s list were bringing the restrooms, drinking fountains and lockers up to ADA standards; exterior lighting, an upgrade for the science labs; single pane glass on windows; expand the elementary kitchen; a new competition gym; upgrade locker rooms; upgrade ticket booth, restrooms at the softball field; pave remaining parking lot; and abestos abatement.

Soukup presented options for the secondary gym, rest room updates, parking lots paving and front office reconfiguration.

“That’s where you’re at right now, options,” Soukup told the board.

After a time of discussion, superintendent Dan Endorf said they would revisit some of the issues at the December meeting, as well as have someone come speak about the exterior lights.

“With the building fund we have now,” board member Dan Wesely said, “it gives us a nice opportunity to look at some of the options and cross off some.”

The board looked at the Early Retirement Incentive Program that is set to expire in Aug. 2012. Endorf said there were 13 teachers past or getting close to the minimum retirement age of 55. The board will need to decide if they will expand the program or make changes before the expiration date.

“Keep us posted as we get closer to the time when we need to deal with the eligibility ending,” board president Dan Mensik said.

North Bend Elementary was selected to apply for a grant from Fremont Area Medical Center for Project Fit America. It would include $16,000 worth of equipment and a two-year curriculum. Endorf said the school would have to bear the cost of installing the outdoor equipment on an acceptable material. He was unsure of the cost at this time and will find out before any action is taken.

In other business the board:
• Gave Endorf authority to purchase a 10-passenger van for no more than $28,000.
• Awarded snow removal job at elementary school to Matt Shaw Snowplowing.
• Reviewed bullying policy.
• Noted that Mike Borer, Jim Dake and Dan Wesely are up for reelection.
The next meeting will be Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.

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