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Ordinance would allow ATV's on city streets

by Nathan Arneal
Published 5/25/11

At the North Bend City Council’s May 17 meeting, Mayor Jeff Kluthe gave the second reading of ordinances 503 and 504, which would allow all-terrain vehicles on the city streets of North Bend.

The third and final reading will be given at the Council’s June 1 meeting before coming up for a vote.

The ordinance would allow licensed ATVs and golf carts to be driven on North Bend side streets. With the exception of being allowed to cross at right angles, the ATV and carts would not be allowed to drive on highways 30 and 79, which includes Main Street.

An ATV or golf cart license will cost $50 for the first year of registration and $25 for each successive years as long as there have been no violations. The ordinance would also require a flag to be posted on the vehicle to increase visibility for drivers in cars and trucks.

The council meeting started off by reviewing pool rules and regulations with the summer pool staff.

“In the summer, this is the most important job in North Bend,” Kluthe told the lifeguards. “Be responsible. Be an adult for the time you are there.”

Jim Rothanzl attended the meeting to express his disgust that his wife’s day care was not notified when a water outage recently hit the city.

The Council apologized and said that outage was the result of an accident and that no one had any prior knowledge that the entire city would be without water.

Rothanzl said his wife license’s could have been revoked if any state representative would have visited the day care during the outage.

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