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Chamber beer garden workers

Posted 6/15/11

A work schedule for the Chamber of Commerce Old Settlers beer garden is listed below. Chamber members who cannot work their assigned shift should find their own replacement.
Friday, June 24
Setup 5 p.m.- Mike Hunke, Mike McGinn, Rod Scott, Bruce Busse, Tim Chapman and any others willing to help.
Saturday, June 25
5-8 p.m.- Jerry Kruger, Tim Chapman, Frank Pollard, Doug Wamberg, Pete Ballerud, Tom Johnson.
8-11 p.m.- Mike Hunke, Ron Schindler, Autumn Bourek, Andy Bourek, Tom Wolf, Deanna Wolf, Mark Flamme, Kendra Voss, Cheryl Wietfeld, Katy Bode, Marty Krohn, Mark Flamme, Brent Karnatz.
Sunday, June 26
3-6 p.m.- Galen Johnson, Steve Hamilton, Jim Moser, Jim Minarick, Brad Martindale, Nathan Arneal, Randy Dodge, John Dorcey, Chris Armstrong,
6-9 p.m.- Drew von Rein, Jerry Hall, Vaughn Gross-Rhode, Sheila Hull, Ken Beebe, Carry Gerke, Jay Poessnecker, Kent Fredrickson.
9-11 p.m.- Mike Hunke, Jeff Peters, Kent Baumert, Jeff Alderson.

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