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Council approves expansion of welding shop

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/29/11

The North Bend City Council gave the nod to Emanuel Custom Welding to expand its business at 7th and Main streets in downtown North Bend. Before getting approval of a building permit at the June 21 council meeting, Roch and Diane Emanuel had to jump through some procedural hoops.

Only certain types of businesses are allowed in areas zoned as downtown commercial. Welding is not among those allowed, though the existing welding business has been grandfathered in. There is a list of conditional land uses allowed in downtown commercial zones with approval of the council, though welding is not among the conditional uses either.

In order to allow Emanuels to expand their welding business, welding had to be added to the list of conditional uses. After being reviewed by the city’s planning commission, the City Council unanimously voted to add welding to the list of conditional uses and to grant the Emanuels a conditional use permit to expand their business. Part of Emanuel’s expansion will be made on the lots directly north of the current Emanuel Custom Welding, lots Emanuel bought after they were cleared by the Dec. 2009 fire.

Emanuels’ expansion will also extend onto the southeast section of the block. The zoning of those lots had to be changed from residential to downtown commercial.
When all the zoning hurdles were cleared, the Council approved a building permit for a 50 x 80 foot building on Emanuels’ land, with a construction start date of July 10.

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