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Ron's Pharmacy burglarized

by Katie Mattson
Published 7/27/11


The Dodge County Sheriff’s office is seeking the public’s help in its investigation into the Ron’s Pharmacy burglary. The sheriff’s office said this incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information about the break-in, in particular concerning parties offering to sell narcotics in the area, is asked to call the Dodge County Sheriff’s office at 402-727-2700 or in North Bend at 402-652-3535.

Ron’s Pharmacy at 748 Main St. in North Bend was burglarized over the weekend sometime between 3:30 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Sunday morning. The break-in was discovered by a passer-by who was out for a walk.

Ron and Jan Schindler, owners of Ron’s, said the perpetrators first attempted to get into the store through the back door, prying and beating on it until the doorknob fell off. Ron mentioned that the steel security bracing beam they use when closed prevented access. Unsuccessful at the back door, the criminals smashed the tempered glass in the front door of the store which, according to Jan, made it look “like it had hailed.”

The criminals stole several different narcotics and one other medication, as well petty cash mostly in the form of rolls of quarters. They caused no other damage or mess.

Ron's Pharamcy door broken intoThis was the sight that greeted Ron and Jan Schindler early Sunday [July 24] morning.

In Ron’s 35 years of business, there have been three attempted robberies, only two of which - including this weekend’s incident - were successful. The first time someone actually got in was more than 10 years ago, when the perpetrator broke the untempered side window, causing large glass shards to fall and pierce pop cans that were stacked underneath. These punctures burst the cans, spraying sticky soda all over the store. During that burglary the criminals stole three handguns and some cash.

Jan said that they knew exactly when the robbers were in the store because at that time the person(s) pushed the register’s “no sale” button repeatedly to access the cash, leaving behind a time-stamped receipt. Compared to that break-in 10 years ago, the mess and destruction of this weekend was relatively minor.

Almost immediately Jan put the news of the break-in on Facebook in the hopes that someone might have information.

“I thought maybe someone might know something, have seen something that didn’t register at the time, or that maybe talk or bragging about the crime might trickle down through the website,” she said.

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