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Board amends budget to plan for future

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/6/06

The North Bend Central Board of Education held a meeting on Feb. 7 to discuss the future and add an employee.

Superintendent Dan Endorf talked about state aid cuts to education and recent legislative bills that would limit local decision-making the Board of Education has made for years.

“We need to position ourselves in the current budget cycle to compensate for decisions the legislature might make that could have a negative consequence for the district,” Endorf said. “By amending the current budget, we can hopefully continue to provide the Board with the authority to set the same tax and spending limits as you’ve always had versus this legislative bill that allows the state to intervene and make those decisions for us.”

Endorf stressed to the Board that amending this budget would have no impact whatsoever on property taxes in this budget year.

“No one’s taxes will be increased even a nickel and our spending pattern won’t change at all,”Endorf said. “It’s all about positioning ourselves for the future.”

The future of district facilities was another agenda item. The Board heard from Al Eveland, the representative for Ameritas, about different ways to fund some high school renovation projects. Eveland explained Qualified School Construction Bonds, a product of the stimulus package for schools. He also explained the tax and interest benefits of the program versus other options the Board might pursue. After hearing from two firms about conducting a Facilities Audit, the board hired Carlson West Povondra Architectural Firm of Omaha to do the audit. Representatives present were John Carlson and Bob Soukup.

The Board formally hired Connie Nelson to work as a full-time employee for the school system. She will assume some of the responsibilities currently held by Jan Hobza and Janet Porter.

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