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Board tours school to see needs

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 12/21/11

The Dec. 12 meeting of the North Bend Central Public School Board of Education included a tour of the high school to see what updates needed to be done to the facility. Athletic Director Tony Allgood and principal Brenda Petersen took the board members to a classroom, the rest rooms and the gymnasium.

On a positive note, the improvements of this past summer were noted: lighting, new ceiling, windows, window shades, phones in every room, and a water fountain that fills water bottles in the gym. Items noted that still need attention included the need for new paint jobs; worn out/yellowed flooring, student desks that were breaking, teacher’s desks from when the school first opened that did not accommodate the computers and other equipment used in classrooms today; outdated computers; lack of storage for literature books; gym tartan wearing through, pole vault pit in dangerous state, electrical shorts in the game clocks, deteriorating bleachers and the poor state of public rest rooms.

Allgood noted that at the football field the press box needs updating and a vehicle is needed to carry equipment from the school to the field for football and track meets.

“In the past Rick Johnson would get us a golf cart,” Allgood said. “It would take me 20 minutes to set up the football field. Now it takes me 45 to 50 minutes. We could use an ATV for a lot of different things.”

Superintendent Dan Endorf said that IDEA (Individuals with Disability Educational Act) federal funds could be used to give the bathrooms a face lift, with updates to meet American’s with Disabilities Act standards. The IDEA money is usually spent on special education items.

“We’ll be moving money around to save money in the long run,” Endorf said.
Board member Jim Dake moved that Endorf add the bathroom to the IDEA request, with specifics to be worked out at a later time.

Rick Swarbrick from Superior Lighting, Inc., in Omaha spoke to the board about different lighting options for the high school facility. Endorf noted that the football field and other outside lighting was in the plan for last summer’s remodeling, but was cut. Swarkbrick brought the board options for improving the lighting on the football field by re-lamping existing floodlights which would cost much less than all new lighting or the option of doing one pole at a time with new fixtures. Swarbrick also discussed lighting around the school. Further details will be investigated and no decision was made.

Members of the MatCats organization presented the board with a plan to purchase a new competition mat for wrestling to start replacing the 17-year-old mats now used by the school. The mat will be used at the state wrestling tournament and then purchased by the school complete with the school and MatCat logo. The MatCats organization is willing to split the cost with the school.

The board discussed purchase of a lap top cart and computers for the elementary school. Endorf told the board Jim Cody had found that the computers were going on sale that day. Cody said for a little more money, they could double the number of computers purchased. After much discussion, the board approved $50,000 for Cody to use.

In other business the board:
• Approved maintaining the capacity resolution at 55 students per grade but giving the superintendent the ability to deal with class sizes on an individual-case basis.
• Approved purchase and training of Janet Porter in use of the DataTeam attendance recording for hourly employees.
• Approved mid-term graduations for Amber Booze and Justin Rennard.
• Authorized preschool committee to submit for bid the playground equipment and surfaces needed.

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