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Dog grooming
Jamie Brodd gives Augie, a minitature schnauzer owned by Greg and Kris Kavan, a clipping.

Grooming dogs great jobs for Brodd

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/8/10

Jamie Brodd has always been an animal lover. Dogs, cats, horses, she enjoyed them all. Now Brodd has been able to turn her love of animals into a vocation grooming dogs.

Brodd, a 1996 graduate of North Bend Central, started clipping dogs as a favor for her mom, Naomi Philippi, who was breeding miniature schnauzers.

“Mom bought my first pair of clippers as an investment,” Brodd said. “They cost $150 and I did her dogs for free in return.”

Word spread and Brodd started clipping friends’ dogs. As more friends became aware of her grooming ability, business started to pick up to where she now has 40-50 dogs she grooms on a regular basis. This arrangement gave her flexibility to be involved with her children’s activities. Brodd says it was a great job for a stay-at-home mom.

With the youngest of her four children, Joie, 5, starting kindergarten this fall, Brodd decided it was time to start expanding her business.

“What better way to earn a living than to turn a hobby into a paying job?” Brodd said.

She has turned a room in the basement of her home into the “Groom Room,” so named by her daughter, Grace, 9. Husband Chuck installed a chest-high bathtub for her to use with the dogs. They found a table at an auction and adapted it to use as a clipping table.

Brodd does all breeds of dogs. The long haired dogs, schnauzers, cocker spaniels, St. Bernards, poodles, etc., can get a clip, bath and nails clipped for $25. Brodd said she may charge more for larger or unruly dogs.

An unruly dog is one that nips at Brodd or one she has difficulty getting to stand still so that she can clip them or one whose hair is so matted and unruly that she has to invest additional time to comb its hair out.

“Just like human hair,” Brodd said, “if dog hair is not combed on a regular basis it gets matted. It has to be combed out first or cut below the mat of the hair. It may turn out shorter than the owner wished, but it has to be done for hygiene reasons.”

Short haired dogs can get a bath and nail trim for $10 to $15 depending on the size of the dog.

Brodd offers on-site clipping services, transportation and other options at an additional cost, but prefers to do the work at her home. She is willing to work with people with special circumstances.

Brodd sees future growth possibilities in her business with hopes of adding a dryer and kennels to allow more “clients” to spend the day there while the owner is at work. Currently her children, including Noah, 11, and Owen, 7, help with the drying by walking the dogs in their fenced-in back yard and keeping the “Groom Room” picked up.

Brodd said she has learned her skills through trial and error. She did work as a veterinarian assistant for two years and picked up some of the tricks of the trade from the groomer.

“The dogs get cuts that are nothing fancy,” Brodd said. “Just practical and hygienic.”

To find out more about “Groom Room” Brodd can be reached 402-720-8222.

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