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Mike Williams
Write-in candidate challenging for North Bend City Council

Published 10/27/10

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is running for council as a write-in candidate. He served on the city council from 2000 to 2002 before being elected mayor in 2002. He was recalled in a 2004 special election.

What prompted you to run for the city council?
This past year many people from all parts of the city have stopped by to speak about North Bend’s elected council and have asked me to consider seeking office. I postponed a decision to see who may run for office. Once all filing was done, people again urged me to reconsider and enter this election. I chose to honor those requests and filed as a write-in candidate for council.

Why do you think you make a good candidate for council?
A good candidate should have both short and long-term goals and to serve effectively. This should be a working office, not a rubber stamp voice. I should be representing all the people, listening to each concern expressed. I have don that kind of service for four decades of local, regional and national efforts for church, grain boards, economic development and recycling organizations. When I overcame my fear of failure I learned that only those who are asleep make no mistakes. If elected, I will strive to serve the town of North Bend and you its citizens with a positive attitude.

What challenges do you see North Bend facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
North Bend experienced a massive change in appearance last December with the fire, coupled with the roads development and the infrastructure concerns we have a full plate of issues that need to be addressed. Each of these events does challenge the stability of North Bend.
Additionally, the need exsists to foster an atmosphere with a future of sustainablity. If we are to have any economic stability, we must provide basic services to our citizens at reasonable rates. We must be able to adapt and be flexible to address those challenges and other unexpected events that may challenge North Bend. How does North Bend provide for or encourage the cultivation of new businesses? The strong current businesses as well as new business start ups are the future strength to this community.

After falling victim to a recall vote once, why run again?
First, the why run again was addressed by the many, many citizens who encouraged me to run this past year. Second, the ability to be teachable allows for growth on both my part and the voters of North Bend. I now consider this election as an opportunity to work with a responsive council. An accessible council exists now, I believe. Thirdly, growing as a leader means give and takes- temporary setbacks. All gains in life come as a result of forgoing or sacrificing something. Fourth, the lessons learned before put into practice now will provide insights to understand how to serve you better. I look forward and see a positive future for North Bend if we apply our skills and talents. I wish to shape that future.

Anything else you’d like to say to voters?
Leadership is not easy. Dealing with difficult choices and events face to face take efforts. We often make things too complex. Understanding the problem, seeking possible answers and the effectively dealing with the problems before us is what makes for good leaders, I feel.
Not asking the hard questions, not dealing with the difficult issues face to face are the reason we were held back from making progress in rebuilding a downtown that was ravaged, not addressing grants to rebuild our infrastructures, not lending a hand to encourage business to rebuild here or relocate to North Bend. These kind of changes will make North Bend able to move into the next decade with a positive attitude and a bona fide shot at a stable community.

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