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Lisa Voss
Incumbent candidate for North Bend City Council

Published 10/27/10

Lisa Voss

Lisa Voss has been serving on the city council since February 2009, when she was appointed to fill a vacancy created by a resignation.

What prompted you to run for re-election?
I am still cutting my teeth on being a councilman and want to learn as much as I can about this job, as I have been doing to this point. I feel that the job I am doing has been good so far and would like to continue to serve the citizens of North Bend with honesty and integrity.

Since you’ve served on the council, what accomplishments are you proud of or think are significant?
Getting the new library to its new location was something I had thought long and hard about. I talked with people, read page after page of information and I still agree that the popcorn plant is the ideal location. It shows growth in town and I am all for that.
I was put in charge of the Pool and Park Department and I am enjoying that job within my job very much. The pool staff I hired this year did a great job and I was extremely happy with the entire staff.
I have never missed a council meeting, and I am proud of that fact as it helps me to keep up on what’s going on with our city and it also lets the citizens of North Bend know I am serious about my service to them.

What challenges do you see North Bend facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
Keeping people in this town and finding ways to bring new businesses into town has been on my mind since day one on the council. This is not an easy task as North Bend hasn’t seen much growth in recent years. I believe we have the potential to bring in businesses with the new library being an example of our willingness to grow.
I would also like to find a way to see more kids in our community involved with their city and finding different activities for them to do. One way to accomplish this would be to get a group of volunteer parents and kids to sit down together and see what ideas come to mind to make this happen.

Anything else you’d like to say to voters?
I invite anyone and everyone to come to a council meeting and to listen to how we help improve our city and to also learn what responsibilities the city has, not only to its businesses, but also our citizens. This way you are hearing it firsthand and not secondhand where things might not be said correctly. I would love to have your vote and to be able to continue to learn and help the town of North Bend grow and prosper now and into the future.
I am a 1986 graduate of North Bend Central, a life-long resident of Dodge County and have lived within the city limits for six years now. I have one daughter Rachel, who is a senior this year at North Bend Central. We both love this town and living here. Thank you for your consideration.

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