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Union Township asking voters for funds

By Nathan Arneal
Published 10/27/10

Voters in Union Township will be asked to approve a property tax increase to help cover the costs of maintaining the township’s roads in Tuesday’s election.

The state sets a cap on township tax levies at 9.725 cents per $100 of property valuation. Union Township is asking its patrons to increase that levy to 12 cents.

Union Township Board member Randy Reznicek said the township’s budget has been hurting since the dramatic increase in the price of fuel a couple of years ago. The township’s budget pays to maintain the gravel roads within its borders.

“We’re starting to get ourselves backed into a corner somewhat with our gravel,” Reznicek said. “Fuel costs have gone up. Equipment costs have gone up. Down the road we might need to replace some equipment, and we don’t want to get into a bad financial position.”

Reznicek said last winter was hard on all the roads in the county.

“I have some major concerns going forward as far as our township roads,” Reznicek said. “Especially with the amount of traffic and the weight of the trucks going down these roads.”

Several townships in Dodge County have already passed an override. If passed, the new levy will add more than $24,000 to Union Township’s budget of $87,245.
The override would expire in 2015, at which time the levy would return to state-mandated levels.

No one filed to run for the Union Township Board this election, but the three incumbents, Reznicek, Mark Flamme and Dan Ruzicka, have filed as write-in candidates.

Union Township covers the southwest corner of Dodge County, running west from North Bend (specifically, County Road 7) to the Colfax County border and north to County Road M.

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