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Jeff Peters
Candidate challenging for North Bend Central School Board

Published 10/27/10

Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters of North Bend will be the third name on the ballot in the school board race. He has three children in the youger grades of the NBC system: Emerson, fourth grade; Breckin, second; and Burkett, kindergarten.

What prompted you to run for school board?
I have always had an interest in serving the community, and I believe my family and my business are in a position where I can begin to give back to the community. A school is one of the most important parts of a town’s success and we have a history of having an exceptional school system and I would like to see that continue.

What makes you a qualified candidate for school board?
In addition to being a product of the North Bend school system, I have run a successful financial services business for almost 10 years. I have been active in helping raise over a million dollars for North Bend’s new library, serving as the capital campaign chairman for a time. I am on the board of directors of the Fremont Family YMCA, also serving as a member of the YMCA Endowment Committee.
But more importantly, I am a tax payer and the father of three school-age children in the North Bend School District. I have a real interest in the continued success of our schools.

What challenges do you see NBCPS facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
Declining enrollment numbers will always be a problem for rural school systems. With more people moving to the big cities for the employment opportunities, small schools will have to battle for the remaining students. One way to win this war (those students), is to offer a superior product. Because of our history of high quality teachers, administrators, staff and board of education members, North Bend has been able to avoid the troubles some other communities have had to face.
I think North Bend needs to take a lesson from our neighbors to the north and south of us. Both Prague and Scribner-Snyder have fallen into situations that no town would find envious. A mindful balance of our tax levy and future planning will be the key to our continued success. The board will have to continue to be proactive as opposed to reactive to problems that will arise.

Anything else you’d like to say to voters?
Twelve years ago, my wife and I made a decision to move back to North Bend to raise our family, based largely on the quality of the school system. I have wonderful memories of my school days here and I look forward to my kids looking back on their days here the same way. I would like to continue to see our school district flourish and turn out the type of students that make me proud to be a graduate of North Bend Central. If you vote for me, I promise to approach each situation with common sense and an open mind. My door will always be open and my phone number available to anyone who wants to visit. I believe open communication is the cornerstone to any successful endeavor.

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