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Dan Mensik
Incumbent candidate for North Bend Central School Board

Published 10/27/10

Dan Mensik

Dan Mensik of rural Morse Bluff is the second incumbent seeking re-election to the school board. He has served on the board since 1998 and is currently the president of the board.

What would you say are some of the more significant issues you have dealt with during your time on the board, and how have you handled them?
• Closing the rural school districts and bringing all the kids into two main buildings located in North Bend.
• Additions to the high school and elementary.
• Hiring a new superintendent that will lead the district.
I accomplished these by communicating to the other members of the board and coming to an agreement.

What challenges do you see NBCPS facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
Dealing with the decline in enrollment. Hopefully replacing a tenured staff with comparable younger staff. Meeting the needs of the district while using the tax payer money wisely.

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