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Jeff Kluthe
Incumbent candidate for North Bend Mayor

Published 10/27/10

Jeff Kluthe

Jeff Kluthe has been serving as North Bend’s mayor since August 2009, filling the seat vacated when former mayor Karan Legler moved out of town.

Prior to that, he was elected to city council and started serving in Dec. 2008 as council president.

What prompted you to run for re-election?
Right now we have a great council that I am proud to be a part of.

What accomplishments are you proud of or think are significant since you’ve been on the city council and mayor?
We are currently working with the Library Foundation on getting the new library up and running. I think the new library will be a great new building for our town.
I am most proud of working with our current council members. We have a great chemistry going while working on day-to-day issues that have come up.

What challenges do you see North Bend facing in the near future and how do you propose dealing with them?
There will always be the issue of our sewer system. It is quite old, but with any small town you are going to have this type of issue. The previous mayor and council did a good job of keeping the budget in good standing. We will have to keep this going to deal with whatever it takes to keep up the day-to-day repairs not only to the sewer system but to our aging roads in town.
Hopefully someday the new roadway will be connected from Fremont to Schuyler. We will have to make tough decisions as to where that roadway will go.

Anything else you’d like to say to the voters?
I am proud to serve North Bend as your current mayor and look forward to another four years of helping the people of our town grow and work through any issues that may come up. I do not see anything in the near future or long term that the current council members or I cannot work through and make better for the town of North Bend.
It is not easy to make everybody happy at the same time, but with everybody pulling together we can make this a town that not only the current residents are proud of, but new residents will be proud to say they are from North Bend.

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