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Emily Kirschenmann
Incumbent candidate for North Bend City Council

Published 10/27/10

Emily Krischenmann

Emily Kirschenmann has been serving on the North Bend City Council since she was appointed in June 2009 to fill a vacancy left by a resignation.

What prompted you to run for re-election?
I have enjoyed serving the community, working together on common goals for the safety and growth of our city.

Since you’ve served on the council, what accomplishments are you proud of or think are significant?
Working on the Comprehensive Development Plan was a learning experience. By working together through the issues and listening to the community’s concerns, we now have a solid plan for the future.

What challenges do you see North Bend facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
One topic that interests me is the future growth of the community. I think it’s important to explore outside funding sources for local community improvement projects. We have great schools, beautiful parks, an impressive arboretum and a new library in the near future, all of which support the attractiveness of our city for current and future residents. These are just a few of the wonderful things North Bend has to offer. Something that continues to amaze me and makes me proud to live here is how the community pulls together for special projects.

Anything else you’d like to say to the voters?
If elected I will continue to serve with honesty and equality for all residents. When someone approaches me with a concern, I take that very seriously. It’s important to me to always listen to all sides of an issue, research the topic and learn the facts before making a decision.

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