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2010 Election Central

Updated 11/09/10

All Dodge County Results have gone final. Totals listed below for Dodge County races are unofficial final results. Results will be officially certified when the election board meets Thursday.

It looks like Jeff Kluthe will keep his position as North Bend's mayor after beating Dean Lux, Sr. by a margin of 209-185 in Tuesday's election. Kluthe will be working with a new city council member, as Tom Mullally was the top vote getter in the race for Council. Councilmember Emily Kirschenmann also retained her seat.

The closest race was for the Ridgely Township board, where K.C. Pawling and Donald Witte tied for the third and final seat with 35 votes. Once the provisional votes were counted in the days following the election, Pawling got the nod with 36 votes to Witte's 35.

As of Tuesday night, write-in votes have been counted, but election workers have not yet counted whom the write-in votes are for. The two write-in candidates listed below (Williams, Vyhlidal) will show no votes until the write-ins are hand counted by election officials.

11:20 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2- Updated Saunders Couty votes have been added to the Morse Bluff Village Board and NBC school board totals. There will be no more updates tonight.

1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3- Saunders County vote totals have been updated. There was no change in the Morse Bluff Village Board race since the last update, but there were new votes in the NBC school board race. The only votes left to count in Saunders County are 55 provisional votes. Those 55 votes are county-wide and may not affect the Morse Bluff or North Bend races. No one in Colfax County voted in the NBC school board race.

Tuesday, Nov. 9- The totals for North Bend mayor and city council and Ridgeley Township have been updated to include provisitional votes.

North Bend Mayor (1)
Jeff Kluthe - 209
Dean Lux, Sr. - 185
Write-in votes: 3

North Bend City Council (2)
Emily Kirschenmann - 217
Tom Mullally - 235
Lisa Voss - 195
Mike Williams - 60
Other write-in votes: 4

North Bend Central Board of Education (3)
Jeff Bauer - (550 Dodge Co. + 182 Saunders Co.) = 732
Dan Mensik - (575 + 192) = 767
Jeff Peters - (556 + 152) = 708
Gary Vyhlidal -
Write-in votes: - 174

Morse Bluff Village Board (2)
Randal Kremlacek - 32
Don Chromy - 27
Karma Ammison - 25
Lynden Rathke - 19
Write-in vote - 1

Ridgely Township Council (3)
Kenneth Dirkschneider - 56
Stephen Helgenberger - 45
K.C. Pawling - 36
Donald Witte - 35
Loyd Wegner - 24

Union Township Levy Proposal
Yes- 37
No- 29

Dodge County Lottery Proposal
Yes- 5,365
No- 2,784

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