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Jeff Bauer
Incumbent candidate for North Bend Central School Board

Published 10/27/10

Jeff Bauer

Jeff Bauer of rural Morse Bluff has been a member of the NBC school board since 2002 and currently serves as the board’s secretary. He has had four children graduate from NBC: Joie, 27; Ana, 25; Paul, 22; and Ethan, 20.

What would you say are some of the more significant issues you have dealt with during your time on the board, and how have you handled them?
Adding the new elementary building, wrestling and volleyball practice gym. Hiring a new superintendent. Keeping the school buildings updated so they will serve our children well into the future.
The nice thing about being on a board is the decisions that you make are not yours alone. We all voice our opinions, look at the facts and vote in the best interest of the students and the taxpayers.

What challenges do you see NBC facing in the near future, and how do you propose dealing with them?
Declining enrollment. We continue to welcome children from out of our district by our option enrollment policy. We strive to make our school an environment of learning excellence so we attract these students.

Is there anything you’ve learned about the educational process during your time on the board?
Yes, the government is very intrusive. They mandate programs, fund them for a few years then pull the funding and expect the local taxpayers to pick up the tab. It is very expensive to educate our children and the government does not help with all of its rules and regulations. Whatever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? Sometimes we are forced to do things that do not pertain to education.

Anything else you’d like to say to the district patrons?
As a board member I know I am not just spending my tax money, but all taxpayers’ money. I take that as a big responsibility so I do not want to misuse it. We look at the budget and try not to create unnecessary spending. We try to keep the levy low enough to cover our expenses, add a little for emergencies and no more. We do not want the patrons thinking we are wasting their money.

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