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Emanuel gifts library for 90th

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 5/19/10

Mildred Emanuel is turning 90 on May 25. She’s had 89 parties and lots of gifts. Last year she had a big family party when everyone was gathered for her grandson Andrew’s graduation. This year she wanted something different.

Mildred EmanuelMildred Emanuel spends more time in her garden than the library, but she wants her birthday to help make sure future generations enjoy a modern library.

And she is adamant about it.

Instead of giving a gift to her or even sending a card, Emanuel wants her family and friends to make a donation to the North Bend Library Building Fund.

“I’m all for the library becoming a reality, so that’s why I thought of this,” Emanuel said.

She first shared her thoughts with her daughter, Sarah, who passed it on to the rest of the family.

“For nine decades books have been very important to our Gram E,” granddaughter Katy Heller said. “The grandkids decided this gesture would make her the happiest on a momentous birthday, and she wholeheartedly agrees! So please, NO cards are necessary, just a dollar or two given to the local library instead.“

Emanuel did have one friend say she would make a donation and send a card. Emanuel put that notion to rest.

“That’s not the idea,” she said. “Cards are too pretty to throw away. What am I going to do with them?”

Emanuel has talked to the local librarians and they will let her know who makes donations so she will know who remembered her special day in this special way.
Emanuel sadly admits that she never went inside a library until she was married in 1945. Now she is a frequent visitor at the North Bend Library- in the winter that is- reading mostly non-fiction books. She also encourages her children and grandchildren to read.

Emanuel hopes that others will agree with her and the possible donation celebration will have a snowball effect with others doing the same.

“I’m frugal,” Emanuel said. “Spend your money where it’ll be most effective!”

Her birthday dontaion is just one of the many creative ways North Benders have been raising money for the library.

“It’s really neat all the different ways we’ve raised money for the library,” Library Foundation member Emily Kirschenmann said. “We really appreciate Mildred’s birthday donation. It seems that everyone in the community has been involved in this fund raiser on some level.”

Kirschmann added that it would be great if $1,000 was raised and Emanuel received recognition in the new library.

Donations in Emanuel’s honor can be sent to the North Bend Library Foundation at P.O. Box 56, North Bend, NE 68649.

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