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Tomaseks win Loving Cup
Leonard and Virginia Tomasek won the 2010 Loving Cup by being
the longest married couple at the Old Settlers worship service.

Tomaseks win Loving Cup with 63 years

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/30/20

Leonard and Virginia Tomasek will celebrate 64 years of marriage Aug. 25. That milestone gave them enough years to win the Loving Cup at the Old Settlers celebration this year. This tradition of the Loving Cup started nine years before the Tomaseks were married, in 1937 when the cup was given to the couple attending the annual Old Settlers Picnic who had the “greatest number of wedded years to their credit.”

Tomasek of North Bend and Virginia Eggers of Cedar Bluffs met on St. Patrick’s Day at a dance at the new North Bend auditorium. Later that year they got together again at a dance at Scott’s Lake, a dance hall east of Morse Bluff.

“I went to the dance with my parents,” Leonard, 84, said. “I took them home and then came back and took her home.”

The Tomaseks were married in 1946, a week shy of his 21st birthday. (“My dad had to sign for me.”) at the 17-year-old bride’s church, St. Matthew in Cedar Bluffs.

Their first home was a farm a quarter mile from his parents. In 1975 they built a new home five miles northwest of North Bend where they continue to live. The last 22 years they have spent the winters in Texas. In the summer they have a trailer on a lake near Loup City where they like to go with family to fish and relax.

The Tomaseks have been farmers all their lives with Viginia helping Leonard by driving trucks and tractors. They have three children, Randy and Nancy Tomasek of Oakland, Randy Tomasek of Schuyler, and Vicki Jean Tomasek of Sheffield, Fla., seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

They credit their longevity to their friendship.

“We like to do things together,” Virgina, 82, said. “We worked together, we take trips together, we fish together, we fought together.”

“We enjoyed each other,” Leonard said. “I tell her I love her every day.”

Though they have had health problems in the past year, they hope to “get on top of it” and continue their active lifestyle.

“Our old friends are dead,” Virginia said. “We have lots of young friends, in Texas and here. They’re like our kids. We like to visit them and they like to visit with us.”

The Tomaseks now join a elite club with 70 other couples (one couple won the first three years before the rules were changed where a couple could only win once) as the “50 Year Wed Club.”

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