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2010 Old Settlers car show
Rick Hobza and Drew Hines share a laugh while browsing
the entries to the Old Settlers car show.

Downtown car show a hit despite heat

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/30/10

There was a lot of shiny metal on display up and down 7th Street Saturday [June 26, 2010].

Cars both new and old, fire trucks, motorcycles, an airboat and even a helicopter were on display for judges and casual observers alike. Temperatures in the 90s didn’t keep the inaugural Old Settlers car show from being a success, according to organizer Jay Poessnecker.

“I was actually really happy with the turnout,” he said. “I thought the car show would have been a success with 50 entrants, and we ended up with 73 entries.”

Not only did plenty of entrants show up, but a good amount of visitors made their way downtown to check things out.

“There was just a steady stream people walking through all day long,” Poessnecker said. “Even though the weather was hot, you can tell the enthusiasm people have for these old cars and pickups and motorcycles.”

Seth Feala can attest to the enthusiasm shown by visitors to the car show. As he sat in his 1970 Chevelle Super Sport, it wouldn’t take much to get a passersby reminiscing.

“The best part about this is the stories,” Feala said. “You hear the old timers come up and say, ‘I used to have a car like this in high school,’ and they tell you about what a hell-raiser they were with a car just like yours.”

The Old Settlers car show was Feala’s first. He said he not only entered his own car but recruited five others to enter.

“I hope (the show) keeps going because this is a really nice thing, and it’s fun to share what you’ve got with other people in a setting like this,” Feala said.

The North Bend Fire Department rolled several of its trucks the few yards between the fire station and the car show.

The NBVFD’s first pumper truck, built in 1934 at the blacksmith shop in North Bend, took first place in the fire truck division. It also had several of its successors lined up beside it.

“Basically from here down is the history of the North Bend Fire Department,” fire chief Kevin Dubbs said as he waved his arm at the half dozen trucks lined up. “Only two pumpers in the history of the department are missing from this line.”
Poessnecker has gotten a lot of positive feedback on the car show. He said an employee of Casey’s said that she heard a lot of patrons to the convenience store talking about the show.

“That puts a little spring in my step and makes me feel like it was a worthwhile thing for me to do,” Poessnecker said.

With his first car show under his belt, Poessnecker is now thinking about next year.

“It’s a lot of work,” he said, “but with one under the belt, I’ll have a better knowledge of planning and be able to assign more people to different things to help me.

“Now my wife’s afraid that we’re probably going to do it every year.”

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