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Filming at Little Ricky's
Director Jake Hull, center, gives some instructions to his actors and crew
during filming at Little Ricky's.

Little Ricky's sets scene for Trunk'd

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/23/10

North Bend is well known as the home of actress Marg Helgenberger, but she isn’t the only movie star in town anymore.

Though, admittedly, she is probably still the only human movie star.

Little Ricky’s Saloon spent all day Monday [June 21] playing the role of a Texas tavern for filmmaker Jake Hull’s latest project, a comedy entitled Trunk’d.

The movie will be the second feature film produced AB Productions, a company founded in 2006 by Wahoo natives Hull, Seth Requenez and Rhett McClure. The group’s first film, Grapes, was made on shoestring budget of about $8,000 with acting roles filled by Hull’s friends. While Grapes was never distributed, it did well enough on the film festival circuit to draw the eye of investors. Now, Hull is working with what he called a “considerably larger” budget for Trunk’d.

“Investors were impressed with what we did with so little (on Grapes) and said let’s raise the stakes this time around,” Hull said. “Now we have a lot more to work with, more freedom, and our crew has literally tripled since the last film.”

Instead of using his buddies, Hull was able to cast his movie using nationally known stand-up comedians.

Dan Cummins, whose hour-long special aired on Comedy Central during Memorial Day weekend, plays one of the leads. Eddie Pepitone, who has had roles in Old School, Last Comic Standing and HBO’s Flight of the Concords, joins Cummins on the cast. Other lead roles are filled by comedians Austin Anderson and Shang Forbes.

The plot of Trunk’d revolves around a bachelor party gone bad. When the revelers wake up the morning after, they find one of the escorts hired the previous evening is dead. They hear that there is a man in Texas that will help them sweep their “problem” under the rug. The groom and his buddies have less than a week to get the body to Texas and then get back to Nebraska for the wedding.

Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

Little Ricky’s is playing the role of a Texas bar the group visits during their trip. Hull, a 2003 graduate of Wahoo Neumann, was familiar with the bar on Main Street North Bend and thought it would be a perfect fit. One thing he liked about Little Ricky’s was that it isn’t little.

“I’ve been here several times and it’s a huge bar,” Hull said. “In front of the camera you see four guys, but behind the camera you have 15 to 20 people back there. I have to have that space behind so I can get the shots we need.”

He also liked the fact that the bar has few windows, so he can easliy shoot a scene that is supposed to take place at night in the middle of the day.

Little Ricky’s needed only a few minor changes to assume its character as a Texas watering hole.

“Being that it is darker, I can say this bar is anywhere we want,” Hull said. “Aside from the Nebraska banners, which I hated to have to take down, but we had to. I’m not putting Texas ones up though. I’ll remove the (Husker) banners, but we’re not supporting Texas.”

A 10-hour day of shooting was scheduled for Monday at Little Ricky’s. The rest of the film is being shot in the Wahoo area.

Hull is confident that Trunk’d will get a distribution deal and eventually wind up in a theater near you. He is hoping to premier the movie at an undetermined film festival next spring.

“For Grapes we were hoping for the best,” Hull said, “but for Trunk’d, I’m not hoping to get into a film festival, I know we will get into a film festival. The hopes are now ‘I hope we blow up.’”