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City gets offer for library

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/23/10

Tom and Deanna Wolf offered to buy North Bend’s library building from the city at the June 15 city council meeting.

“Our intention is to maintain the Carnegie building, the integrity of the historic building and to find a useful productive purpose for it,” Deanna Wolf said.

The city must soon choose whether to build a new library on the current location or on a new site in town. One of the city’s concerns with building on another site was what to do with the old library building.

At the Council’s June 1 meeting, the Library Foundation asked the Council to choose a site for the new library so final plans can be drawn up and construction can start this fall. The Foundation suggested the library be built on lots at the old popcorn plant site on the north side of town.

The Council did not make any decision on the library site at its June 1 meeting and told Wolf it couldn’t discuss it at the June 15 meeting because it wasn’t on the agenda.

Mayor Jeff Kluthe told the Wolfs that the city would take their offer to buy the library under consideration.

“We will take a look at this and discuss it and see where we go,” Kluthe said. “It’s going to come down to which site is more feasible and better.”

In a related note, Tom Wolf said the bank’s board would discuss giving the library foundation a loan to help it reach its $1.2 million goal by this fall. Wolf said he was confident that the rest of the money will be raised and that the loan would allow the new library to take advantage of what he called a favorable construction climate this fall.

So far, the Library Foundation has raised more than $800,000.

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