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North Bend's good neighbors recognized

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/16/10

Marge and John Reynolds have lead an active life, traveled, been on plenty of adventures. But now they are not physically able to keep up with all the activities they took for granted.

good neighbors
Kaitlyn, Kent and Bailey Rothanzl wil be among the North Benders who will be recognized at the Dodge County Fair for their good neighborly acts.

And that is why they are so thankful for neighbors. Neighbors who pitch in when snow is covering the ground, leaves covering the yard and a favorite hobby sitting idle because one is not able to physically stand to work on it.

“We thank them but that doesn’t seem enough,” Marge said. “We thought the Good Neighbor Award was a nice way for them to get the recognition.”

Kent Rothanzl, Duane Emanuel and Jerry Zelazny were nominated by the Reynolds for the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben 2010 Good Neighbor Award

The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation and the Omaha World Herald announced the 66th annual Good Neighbor Award recipients on June 6. This award recognizes individuals who have performed neighborly acts and deeds unselfishly without personal gain. The 35 recipients represent 20 Nebraska counties. Award winners will be recognized at their respective county fairs.

Rothanzl and his two daughters, Kaitlyn, 12, and Bailey, 10, have scooped snow, raked leaves and picked up sticks for their backyard neighbors as well as others in the neighborhood needing assistance.

Both girls agree that these acts display good citizenship and said “no one asked, we just did it.”

Rothanzl has been working with Reynolds to restore a 1965 Chevelle. It is something both men enjoy doing though Reynolds, who uses a electric scooter and two canes to ambulate, is not able to stand and work on the car.

Rothanzl said he has always helped, and his daughters have learned from their dad.

“There are still people out there who help their neighbors and don’t expect anything in return,” Kent’s wife Lisa said. “It makes me feel proud.”

Duane Emanuel and Jerry Zelazny also contributed to the snow clearing efforts, which were needed frequently this past winter.

Zelazny has a tractor with a plow and would clear the Reynolds and others driveways after storms. Emanuel finished the job with his snow blower.

“It’s not a big deal,” Emanuel said, “I’m able to do it so why not do it.”

He has another neighbor he regularly helps with projects in addition to clearing the snow.

“Some day I’ll be older and someone will help me out,” Emanuel said.

Marge Reynolds is just thankful she has such good neighbors.

“They take care of us. Between the three guys, we never have to worry about snow.”

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