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This video, made by Nathan Hansen, was part of a grant application to Pepsi. If it is chosen, a public vote will determine if the new library project will receive a $50,000 grant from Pepsi.

Online vote may determine if North Bend library gets grant

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/28/10


The grant application was accepted! Click here to vote and help North Bend's new library become a reality!

August 1 is the date the new listing of Pepsi grants come up for voting and the North Bend Library may be in the running.

It all started last spring when Beth Vech heard about the Pepsi grant. Even though she is a loyal Coke drinker, she was willing to support Pepsi for the good of the community.

She has gotten plenty of help from others along the way. Nathan Hansen produced and directed a three-minute video to promote the cause. The video can be viewed by going to This video should also be available once the voting starts at That is, if the application for $50,000 is accepted.

Vech, Hansen and others went to the fastest computer they could find June 30 so they could be one of the first applications to arrive at Pepsi on July 1. Luckily someone thought of the time difference at the east coast destination and the video was sent at 10:59 p.m.

“They e-mailed that they are reviewing our application,” Vech said, “and will let us know whether or not we meet their criteria on August 1, the day voting for our application will begin! At least we made it into the 1,000 that they review.”

In July there were 1,086 grants vying for $1,300,000. The top ten vote getters in each of the four levels of grants receive the money. If an application does not receive money, another application can be sent in or the top vote getters just out of the money are rolled over to the next month.

Voting can be done once daily, and you can vote for up to ten projects daily. Pepsi has taken precautions to make the voting fair. One must register the first time, entering your e-mail address, birthday and “prove you’re not a robot.”

To find the North Bend application put “North Bend, Nebraska” in the search (L) space in the upper right hand corner at

“We need to get everyone to vote every day,” Vech said. “But we still don’t know for sure that our application will be one of the 1,000 seeking votes in August.”

So, this is all a maybe, but Vech didn’t want it to be a possibility and not have people voting on Aug. 1.

When it is known for sure that North Bend Library is in contention, a message will be sent out on Facebook to the 285 people who are friends of North Bend NE Library Foundation.

“The Facebook group has been great,” Foundation president Jana Post said. “We are always looking for new ways to promote this project and the North Bend new library.”

People with suggestions or questions can contact Vech and Post and others working to get the new library built on the Facebook page. Post encourages everyone to join the Facebook group to get the latest on the Pepsi and other grants the Foundation is applying for.

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